If you remember Robotech

Or Mospeada, I never watched that version, but here’s something from my childhood I had to give a shot at modelling. Originally I had the idea of revamping them completely, with these heavily textured, bump mapped crab shells but that’s an idea whose time hadn’t come - it looked pretty bad, so I stuck with the more traditional appearance.

When I get a newer machine I’ll likely add more to this, as my computer was struggling to render it, fans going crazy and almost running out of memory.

Only the models are my creations - the sky, mountains, and trees are stock.


Very nice)) I like it.
Alternatively, at the moment, I can advise you to try to reconfigure the scene in the blender 2.8 on the new render - Eevee, it is much more productive.
There are sometimes problems with importing , but you can separately add to the scene in obj / fbx and just compare, there you can even take screenshots directly from the viewport.
Eevee is cool)

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Your comment made me check up on when 2.8’s release is going to be (I’m a coward about betas.) It was supposed to be Oct. 20th but I’m still seeing 2.79b on blender.org. Do you know if they missed their release date for a stable build? 'Cause I’m dying to give it a try.

Some students are already trying it out here https://community.gamedev.tv/c/environments ))
As for shading, everything turns out much, everything is different), but in a good way, I personally like modeling at 2.79.

So better rendering but the modelling was more to your liking in 2.79? Interesting, I’m looking forward to trying it out.

Nice scene!

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Thanks Mark!

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