If you cannot find the 2019 developer command prompt on windows try this

I have a slightly borked install of visual studio 2019 after 2017 died on me part way though a project, so I had to do some file diving to find the developer command prompt for VS Community 2019 as windows thought that somehow, even after using Revo to uninstall, that visual studio 2017 was the installed program. (I might have to check my path variables).

Anyways, there is a Batch file named “LaunchDevCmd.bat” in this folder ->
<DRIVE - LETTER>:\Users<USERNAME>\Visual Studio 2019\Common7\Tools\LaunchDevCmd.bat

Make a shortcut on the desktop and to make your life easy, change the icon of the shortcut to the VS Code.exe icon
and delete the automatically created VSCode shortcut. That way you’ll never forget which program to open.

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That did the trick for me.

Here’s a precision : The folder referenced by @OutbackGames is the folder where you installed VS Community.

Most probably in C:\Program files(x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\Community\Common7\Tools

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