If the scale does not work in Blender 2.93.5

If the scale option doesn’t work (after selected the object and pressed S on the keyboard, moving the cursor will not show scale effects) go to the Option menu, in upper right hand of the Blender window, and de-select the “Locations” option. Now you should be able to see the sale of the object in realtime


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Just tried it in blender 3. It works with or without ‘locations’ selected in that. Perhaps it was a minor bug they ironed out? May even be specific to one build of Blender.

Well done finding a way to deal with it.
Show us your progress when you can!


Thank you for checking in Blender 3.

From a brief research on internet, it seems that from build 2.9 (and at least till the 2.93.5, i.e. my actual version) this bug can occur.


Thanks very much, I was having the same issue and this fixed it for me


This is my not-totally-final result (i have to hide the background image).

Amazing course!


Made a fine version. Just sort out the background and it will be great.

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Completely worked for me in v 3.6. Thanks!

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