If money were no object

What PC would you build?

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This is really a hard question for me… I mean, honestly my computer now does everything i need it to. So, I’m kind of at a loss for what I would do if I could splurge… I guess I would get dual GTX 1080’s… Maybe a dual CPU motherboard… A couple more SSDs…?

Guess I’m not really enough of a hardware junky to give any real fascinating answers to this question :sob:

Oh! well, if money were no issue, I’d get a second PC and two Vive’s for future VR MP!

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…and then we would play a nice game of chess… :slight_smile:


Not the one I built 8 years ago! (Although money was a factor then.)
It’s hard for me to get excited about hardware having seen the leaps and bounds in technology since transistors replaced vacuum tubes and transistors are almost at the atomic level in width.

I guess the important thing to note here is that you can build a PC but not a MAC!

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A computer capable of running Dwarf Fortress without a severe frame drop around mid-game.

Alternatively, I could probably build a colony on one of Saturn’s moons for the same price.


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Sounds like a 4:20 ERROR HA Ha ha!!!

I wouldn’t care what brand of components are in the rig. I would just want something that would support my game programming including creating VR titles, which is my goal. Currently I’m working with an i3 and a GTX 750ti, so what I can create currently without blowing up my system is limited. haha

I would build this:

I would get a new top-of-the-line iMac for about $7000 CAN

(Thinking about it more, HAL 9000 isn’t a mere computer, it’s a form of general artificial intelligence. However, I could certainly tell it to render Civlilization VI. :grinning:)

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You can certainly bulid MACs. However, it’s then called a Hackintosh. More info here: http://www.hackintosh.com/

I have PCs here too, but I always wanted a Mac. Its a religious cult you know!
For me its a stable, well-known platform to eliminate possible hardware/OS problems when debugging
because of the limited make & models produced. If a guy with the same Mac (like Ben) then I know the problem
is not hardware related.

Myself, I LOVE building systems, performance metrics, hardware specs… the whole lot.

If money were no object I’d either like a Quantum computer or a render farm.

In all honesty I find these days that I can get quite a decent machine for a fair price.

For gaming I’ve always gone for an i5 and an Nvidia graphics card of some sort, usually not the top one, usually the next one down. For example at the moment I have a 970 GTX.

For development I use a Surfacebook (with integrated GPU) by microsoft. Its kind my work laptop but I also find it actually runs faster than my desktop for some tasks! So I prefer to do all my game development (and modelling) on that.

If money were no object I guess id just keep up to date on the latest intel CPU’s and buy whatever graphics card was the newest :slight_smile: I’m not really into the whole benchmarking scene and I dont even run 4k, 1080 is still good for me!

I’d probably kit out my extended family with maximum spec Macs and keep them all pretty current and backed up. I’ve always built my own PCs but I’m starting to see them more as a tool and less as a project now, plus I’m tired of supporting them for everyone in my extended family. Macs are so much nicer to support.

Money’s no object? All right then…

I would get myself a Mac Pro, 12 core processor, 64GB RAM, 1TB Internal Storage, plus some external Thunderbolt storage for working on music, game dev, and Windows based projects, and yes, I would install Windows on it using Parallels (not going to bother with Bootcamp this time!) both the magic mouse and the trackpad, dual monitors, dual AMD D700 GPUs, and of course, AppleCare. :wink:

As for software, I’d include the full license of Unity, the latest versions of Digital Performer, Native Instruments Komplete, Poser Pro…

Oh yes, I want it. :smiley: