If anyone finding the course too hard, here's some personal suggestions

So I bought the course last year around mid-year and find it extremely hard to learn I turned away and came back again a few days ago and now I’m progressing really well so here’s are some tips I had for you guys who are also struggling as I did before.

  1. If you are completely new to coding, it is very hard for you to understand this course, not saying the way rick teaches, it’s your brain is not thinking like a programmer, it’s not logical enough to solve problems like a programmer, try to take some more basic programming course I suggest Javascript is a pretty good start, they fall into a similar programming category and many concepts are very much alike and it’s more beginner friendly.

  2. Your mod and interest in game development affects a lot in your determination to learn, for me it was pretty funny and a very simple reason, that is I ran out of games to play and some games I love starting to getting boring because I don’t like certain gameplay or even its UI, so I decided I need to make a perfect game for myself. Sometimes it’s that one simple moment makes you want to be good at something and get started, hold on to it and don’t give up.

  3. Take rest and rewatch, if you don’t understand anything that Rick says why not slow down and rewatch if you don’t understand certain parts of the code, slow down try to follow alone again, edit and change the codes a bit and try using Debug.Log and see what the code does. You can also try out new concepts in a different way, creating something simpler and easy for example, you don’t understand how functions(methods) work, say you are creating a function to make your character move, why not make it simpler first by making a function just to calculate 1+1 and add on to it, try out different things eventually you will understand how functions work.

So this is all my personal experiences when studying the course, everyone has different situations and difficulties, I really hope reading this post can help you a bit if you are struggling and thinking about quitting this might stop you a bit and regain your passion in game development.

English is not my native language there must be grammar errors here and there and I’m sorry about that, but anyway thank you and have a nice one.

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…you could also ask for help from other people in the community who are both friendly and supportive and will often give up a lot of their own time to help resolve your queries/problems. :slight_smile:


You can always give our godot course a try if you find you need that stepping stone to c#. GDscript is a pythoness like language and once the updates for c# are stable then you will be able to create godot games in c# and then maybe progress to the unity engine.

There’s lots of opportunities :slight_smile:


As someone who has already done the old version of the course I can say that the first point is absolutely crucial because if someone doesn’t know the basics of a programming language it could find the course really hard to understand. Besides the fact that if someone reads the end of the description of the course on Udemy there is a message about “some programming experience”

With this new version I found some lessons simple and clean compared to the old ones.

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