(ideas)(help) Rough ideas for Text101 with different endings, additional features, some code


Yesterday I finished watching Text101 guide, and I really love the idea of text driven game - I want to create a plot-heavy, multi-choice detective game, with a few optional decisions and some different endings. I have some experience with Unity and quite a lot with programming in general, so I decided to add more depth to the game. To add atmosphere, I decided to create some additional features:

  • fading in/out titles of some parts of the game, like ‘Prologue’, ‘Chapter One’ etc.
  • playing sound when taking certain actions (wooden door cracking, firing a gun, opening an old door, firing a match etc.)
  • to have an Inventory in which it will be possible to read some notes or inspect picked up objects

So far I was able to implement functions for the first idea, and here is the code:

I would LOVE to read some suggestions regarding this, I’m sure this code could use some fixing. (Even if there is easier way to fade in/out text, I just wanted to practice with coroutines and understand their behaviour).

As for the game idea itself, there will be some situations where it will be possible, for example, to take certain object, or choose certain dialogue option, which will have impact on end-game scenes. My idea is to store those decisionss in booleans, and just check for them in certain scenes to generate different situations.

As for additional features I think it will be quite easy to implement them, the biggest difficulty now is how to properly manage dozens of scenes with different paths, decisions, endings? Of course I could do it all as shown in Text101 guide in one script using States, but it will be a nightmare to navigate through and create paths. Any suggestions?