Ideas for Grabbing Objects

So something I’ll admit. I’ve done something like this before in the past but I’ve only done it with Blueprints rather than actual code. But from what I remember, I utilized components in trying to grab objects.

How I think it works is that the actor identifies what object can be grabbed. The thing about that is that there would have to be conditions which make the object able to be grabbed, whether it be how light the object is that you can lift it or simply if there’s a check that indicates an object can actually be grabbed.

Something I won’t have be able to be grabbed in my game are the long chairs and the tables, so they won’t have that check. It simply wouldn’t make sense for the player to do that. So instead the player should simply grab the chairs.

The last video mentions something about subtle cues with the spot light and the color of the chair to determine which chair is actually able to open the door. That’s another check that can work. You can use a component with the trigger box to check if the color of the chair is the same as the color of the spotlight. In turn you can use a component with the spotlight as well and that component also plays a role in determining if the chair is the right color or not.

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