Idea for a RPG Game in Unreal Engine using c++

Hello, Will you can do a course to do a RPG game like Dark souls, Sekiro ,Sinner, etc…in unreal engine using C++,could be interesting to learn ?

Yea I’d like to see that too though dark souls.might be a challenge as a specific example

I think there’s a big issue with that particular genre from a teaching point of view.

You can make a western RPG with only 5 features: Movement, Camera, Inventory and Saving system, this is great and can be covered in one or several courses depending on how complex and flexible the systems are, but the main feature, Combat, cannot be taught on a game engine course because it relies too much on animation, those are created in Blender, Maya, 3DMax or whatever.

They got away with it in the Unity RPG because it is basically a Dungeon Crawler, you don’t need many animations, you can easily do it with only two or even just one combat animation, meanwhile a game like Sekiro or Dark Souls have dozens of animations per character and not just that but also procedural animations which can be a course of it’s own.

If you truly want to make a game of that particular genre in UE4 I highly recommend that you take a look at the Blender Character Creator course and if you need extra help with something else you can check the Unity RPG Combat and Inventory courses, you can extrapolate what you’ll learn there to UE4 fairly easy.

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Thank you for the tutorial recommendation

Yeah, you have right ,maybe i did not think in the hard work to do a game of this type, but maybe would can do tutorial with C++ to create a prototype of the game no? like this where i see few animtions and maybe 20 hours or more ,PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO

The AI is awesome :slight_smile:

Try taking the Unity RPG courses to understand the ideas and then take the initiative and learn how to do it in Unreal. It will be so hard at first but you will learn so much!

The video you posted looks cool, but if you analize it’s actually quite simple to make. Here’s some pseudo code so you can try to do it on your own:

Enemy AI

  • Follow a target
  • When in range
    • Attack


  • Move with the left stick (Try to use the default UE4 third person project)
  • When “x” button is pressed
    • Roll
  • When “y” button is pressed
    • Attack
    • If pressed a second time during a certain time window perfom a combo. (This can be a loop)


  • Right stick (or mouse) rotates the camera around the player’s character.

That’s it.