I'd love to see a course that covers level design and fleshing out a game like Heist Meisters into a complete finished game

I’ve enjoyed working on Heist Meisters and can imagine many ways to flesh this out into a full multilevel game. However, the snag I usually run into, whether following a course or creating something of my own, is that after getting the core functionality working I find that I suck at developing compelling levels and turning the proof of concept into a full game. I’ll put a lot of effort in to programming the groundwork, only to leave the undeveloped seed of a game in my wake as I move on to the next project.

I’d love to see a course that covers more level design concepts and turning a functional base like what we now have in Heist Meisters into a full-fledged game. Maybe a part two of this course that expands on some of the projects that were created here, or a course that starts with something like Unity’s new 2D or 3D game kit and concentrates on building a working foundation into a full game, rather than how to program the core functionality in the first place.

I have a hazy, big-picture view of how Heist Meisters could be an awesome game, but I know from experience that getting from here to there is hard. Designing a compelling, cohesive progression of levels is a different skill from programming the base functionality, and there aren’t many courses that cover that aspect of game programming.

It’s an interesting idea - maybe worth putting in Course Ideas. We do have my board game course, which is focused on game design theory using board games (to keep it engine agnostic), which might be a start.

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