IAction is ambiguous reference between two different RPG. namespaces

So I’ve been slowly going through the saving module because I’m not an advanced user but was looking for a challenge and I’m stuck with this error. I googled it but haven’t found anything that’s overly similar.

Any insight is appreciated.

The error says there is an IAction1 in the RPG.Core namespace, as well as the RPG.Movement namespace. I don’t think you are supposed to have any IAction1 interfaces. Perhaps you created a IAction interface where one already existed and something - maybe Unity - added the ‘1’ at the end.

What you could do:
Go up to the using clauses at the top of Fighter.cs. Find using RPG.Core; and comment it out. Now you may have several errors, but go to line 7 (or 43, I can’t remember which comes first) and you should find a reference to IAction1. If you F12 (in Visual Studio, VS Code may be a different key) to go to the definition. This should take you to the file with the RPG.Movement namespace. Repeat for RPG.Core. You will likely find 2 files with a IAction1 interface. I believe both can be removed (or just remove the one you don’t need if this is what you wanted to use)

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