I wonder why we don't have a weapons stat file?

Would creating this help centralize our progression data?:

namespace RPG.Stats
    public enum StatWeaponTypes

I’m not sure in what way…
What are you trying to achieve with the StatWeaponType?

I have been thinking about using that spread sheet.

On it there row 8 had ‘Standard Weapon bonuses’

I am going to build myself a form using that sheet a band-aid. On that form I will allow myself to identify my enums from code and use buttons to change column B multipliers, also need to allow myself to easily change LU column C and column D the white cells. Then it will have a button that when clicked will produce a text file formatted like yaml.

Haven’t got it all together yet but still piecing it together.

My VBA skills from the past may come in handy here, building userForm and writing text file with proper formatting is VBA. The result will be a Excel workbook (.xlsm).

Taking the output of it and pasting it into the progression file we have.

Spread sheet

color coded for easy identify.

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