I was told to make edits to a pillar, I take it a whole other level(I think)

Doing a course made by @Grant_Abbitt, we were told to make 2 new similar pillars. While he made simple but cool edits, I made edits that are “hard” and cool (I just started using blender 15 days ago.)

These are his edits:

And these are mine:

Here is the secret: While he was in edit mode and made the changes, I made edits in sculpt mode. Ok, ok, yes I know, that seems even harder, not if you look at two buttons that do all the work for you:

Just experiment around with them and you’ll know what I mean. @Grant_Abbitt, you should add this to your course.


He does not need to add what you did because that section of the course is about hard surface modeling not sculpting.

Sculpting is its own workflow, and from what I can tell from your edits, all of what you did is easier and more efficient with hard surface modelling.

Either way, good work.



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A thing I didn’t add, I didn’t try this, but you should:


Yes Sculpting can make other movements of verts. This is a very beginner course introducing very early concepts, modelling.
Grant could have sculpted a full human Caryatid if he wished to, might have been rather overwhelming to most beginners though. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

But it is fine for you to experiment and make a interesting different column. Great stuff.


I’m really liking the second pillar. At a quick glance it reminds me of a fancy tall table lamp on a not so tall table. :slightly_smiling_face:

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