I was not able to make the door open with C++

I have created OpenDoor component and assigned it to SM_Door. In begin play i have created FRotator with -60 rotation and called SetActorRotation with it. But when I save, compile and clicked the play, the door doesn’t open.

I made sure the lecture project changes and my visual studio code looks similar. Please help me out

You need to include your code if you want anyone to help you finding errors in it. Its probably a good idea to also include engine version your suing.

I am sorry for that. My unreal engine version is 4.17.2 and https://github.com/necktwi/BuildingEscape.git is the git repo to which I uploaded the code. I am using Visual Studio 2017 and configured unreal editor Source Code setting to Visual Studio 2017.

Have you attached the OpenDoor component to the door?
Check in the UEditor. If so, log out to the console the Actor name (so that you´re sure its running and it find the actor).
Otherwise i can’t see what it could be.

They open today! As far as I know I made no changes. Thank you for your time.

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