I want you fine folks to play my game and give me some feedback. Thanks!

Recta Rush! I made all the assets by myself and gave the game(laser Defender) a completely new look and feel. I introduced three new features, Leveling Up, Recoil, and Time Controlling. I also implemented a health bar system and bar system in Leveling UP and Time Controlling. Thanks! This the 1st time I am posting here✌

I like the theme you went with, it feels very neon 80s in a good way. Soundtrack is a great match to the theme. Mob density was a little low for the first few levels, but it started feeling good on the red level when more enemy types were being thrown at the player. On that level though there was a clash with red background and models that made it difficult to clearly see everything. The time slow is a neat feature add, overall good job!

Thanks for taking your valuable time and playing my game, mate

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