I want to build a new PC. Your recommendations?

I already bought:

HP Pavilion 27q QHD (2560x1440)

Graphics card:
Gigabyte GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti.

  • Integrated 4GB GDDR5 memory with 128 bit bus.
  • Cooling system WINDFORCE 2X.


PC case:
The Tower 900 E-ATX Vertical Super Tower Chassis by Thermaltake.

I am going to buy:

(March - April) Motherboard:

  • Form factor E-ATX
  • Socket LGA2066.
  • Chipset Intel X299.
  • 8 slots DDR4 DIMM, 2133-4000 MHz.
  • SLI / CrossFireX support
  • SATA connectors: 6 Gb / s - 8
  • Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth

(May - June) Processor:
Intel Core i7-7800X Skylake (3500MHz, LGA2066, L3 8448Kb)

  • 6-core processor, socket LGA2066
  • Frequency 3500 MHz
  • L2 / L3 cache size: 6144 KB / 8448 KB
  • The core of Skylake (2017)
  • Technical process 14, 12 nm
  • Integrated memory controller

RAM (July - August):

  • 2 DDR4 memory modules
  • Module capacity 8 GB
  • Form factor DIMM, 288-pin
  • Frequency 3200 MHz
  • Radiator
  • CAS Latency (CL): 16

The motherboard and CPU are fine. The graphics card, I would possibly have gone for a 6GB GTX 1060. Price wise the difference is not too much, but the performance difference is very much noticeable. Especially considering the case you picked, money does not appear to be a major limitation.

In terms of RAM, I would suggest to go for 32 GB. Run a game, run Netflix by the side, have a couple (dozen :rofl:) tabs open and quickly you are running close to a 16GB usage.

Considering monitor choice, an alright pick. The HP Pavilion screens are very stylish and look clean on any desk (in my opinion it does not really match the choice of case, but to each their own). For future consideration though, I would recommend to have a look at ultra-wide monitors as well. It’s such a blessing for productivity in my opinion.

Now I am calm for my choice. I was a little worried that could choose wrong.

I’ll buy more memory later.

I think you’re right but I already bought GTX 1050 Ti in last month. Maybe I will replace it, but much later and it will be already RTX. In the end, I need several months to purchase all the main components.

I chose HP Pavilion monitor for high-quality color. And I am very happy with its image quality. Maybe in the future I will put it on my workstation Mac Mini. Mac support maximum 4096x2160 resolution with a frequency of 24 Hz. HP is silver like Mac Mini and Apple keyboard, will look good.

I can’t use one computer for everything, workstation should always be ready for work, and Mac Mini perfect for that. I have two operating systems there ( macOS and Windows 10 ) and it works in silence all day.

Power supply (September):
Thermaltake Toughpower iRGB Plus, 1200W.

I’m sure @Michael_Bridges would love to chip in on this

And I think I’ll take this hard drive, at the beginning of october.

Hard Drive (October):
X300 Performance


  • Toshiba’s X300 3.5” internal hard drive is designed for your professional or gaming PC – delivering reliable, large capacity, incredibly high-performance storage, made possible by a number of advanced features, including an ultra-high 256 MB or 128 MB buffer. It even features improved positional accuracy for stable recording.
  • Powerful desktop workstations
  • 10 TB
  • Gaming computers
  • High performance PCs
  • Home media computers

If you are making a gaming PC the graphics card is going to run into some issues keeping up with modern games. On the other hand, that card might be good for testing your own game builds to see if they would still run smooth without top of the line hardware.

You have to be careful with upgrading ram in the future. Typically each set of ram has slightly different timings even if they are the same brand and model number. So if you get 2 8 gig ram chips, and then later order 2 of the exact same 8 gig chips and install in your system you might run into some system instability. If you aren’t trying to use a high XMP profile with your ram is probably less noticeable. Just may require a bit of poking around in your BIOS to get everything running smoothly.

You might consider looking into Intel Optane if you are going with a HDD as opposed to an SSD. It’s basically an SSD cache that reads/write into your HDD to increase performance. Some of them are fairly cheap at this point too, so you can dip your toe into the SSD world. Also the price of M.2 SSD drives has fallen quite a bit. The performance of some of the M.2 drives is just ridiculous. You should look into them if you haven’t already. I’m using 2 WD Blue 3D NAND drives. They aren’t the fastest drives around, but still SSD performance on the cheap.

That case looks amazing btw. I think I might go with one of those on my next build myself :smiley:

I had problems with new Western Digital SSD and my relatives too. I no longer believe this company. I have three SSD for storing files and backups of operating systems. One doesn’t work any more. Another one had to be formatted several times before it started working again.

Long time ago, Seagate was a good company I currently have HDD from it on my old PC. But now Seagate HDD made in 2017, as write people, break down after a year, or even after several months of work.

Intel Optane not available in my country, I did not even know about it. I found only 250 gigabyte SSD for insanely high price.

I can only believe Toshiba and Japanese quality. And I want 10,000 gigabytes so as not to think about how much space I have.

And if you look at the crash rating:

Western Digital is crash leader.

Too expensive PC components shops often dont have. For example Tower 900 E-ATX shop will order specifically for me from the supplier. I already ordered it but Tower 900 will be brought only in next week.

A few videos about my country and city:

So if you live in London or in Europe, and think about emigration, here a good place for living. Because here you can get a lot more than in your current country. And good IT specialists are always necessary as 3D designers, etc.

About wages per month:

  • If 1 $ = 66 Rubles.
  • In Moscow middle level is 500 dollars per month. High paying job 1 600 dollars per month. Maximum for most people I think 2 300 dollars per month, but it’s almost impossible to get such a job.
  • Outside the capital in Russia in general level is 250 dollars per month or 130 dollars per month. That’s why, everyone wants to live in the capital.

Over the past 5 years, the national currency of Russia has lost 300% of its value against the USA dollar. For this reason, I can not buy such PC as described in one month. I can only buy one part of it per month or two months.

5 years ago, I didn’t think that I would like leave web development and go in 3D. I love web design based on 3D. When the 3D model is the core of the whole website concept. But I do not like web design itself.

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