I used LeftMouseButton node

The same logic applies to the Left Mouse button node

In a small project like this using “Mouse Events - Left Mouse Button” Will work fine, however it’s good practice to use either the input page in project settings (Pre UE5.1) or the Enhanced Input Subsystem (UE5.1 and newer)

The main reasons for this are optimisation, putting your controls into 1 place requires less duplication of code, especially when you decide later down the line to change a control and have your controls baked into multiple characters/actors, also it allows you to define a single action to work with multiple input devices (keyboard, mouse, xbox controller, ps controller, steam controller, etc)

Also it is essential when creating a system allowing the player to change controls, using the built in UE Control systems adds built in support for changing those control bindings. I’m sure there are other ways to change those bindings, but they will neither be easy nor as efficient as using the tools built into the engine.

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