I try to build unreal from source (linux) and stuck

the course:


i dont know why when i press enter its send me “bash: ./Setup.sh: No such file or directory”"
instead of start updating…
i kind of new for linux…

when i install the unreal engine from terminal its was on the desktop (i open the desktop terminal and then install the unreal engine unlike the course, my bad didnt see that i on the desktop terminal…) anyway after install the unreal i just change his location from “desktop” to “home”.
now if i write in terminal “ls” i can see the UnrealEngine (same as the course).

you think the problem its becuse i change location or becuse i install to desktop?
how i fix this?

What is the ls output of the UnrealEngine folder?

on the screenshot u can see the ls output of the UnrealEngine

It’s not there. I see the ls output of your home folder, but not of UnrealEngine.

the outout is Engine

So there is no file named Setup.sh in your UnrealEngine folder. That is why you are getting the error. It could be in the Engine folder if you check there.

no, the output is Build, the output of Build is Commit.gitdeps.xml…

maybe if i install againe (start all againe it will be fixed? or maybe should i install the newest version of the engine?

Then I would say the files didn’t move properly when you moved UnrealEngine into your Home folder. Best approach is to re-download from GIT.

In your terminal, go to the directory (folder) you want to run Unreal Engine from then run the git clone command:
git clone https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine.git

Once that is done, you’ll see that all the proper files are there to run and you’ll be able to use ./Setup.sh

didnt work, same problem :frowning:

well… i know why there is no Setup.sh in my UnrealEngine folder…

in the other version there is a Setup.sh file and alot more (unlike 4.22 version that as only the Engine/Build)…
i will install the newer version, and i gess all will be fixed.
ty for ur help !! :slight_smile:

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That’s all it was pulling from GitHub. Glad you got it figured out because I was about to be as stuck as you were. :slight_smile:

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