I tried to create a bump map. But all I got was rock

If you need a texture, you can’t create it. How bumpy is a bump map?
I don’t know? Instead, all I got was this iron rock …

Blender is funny …


Try coping the mix shader output to displacement. That should give you a lot bumpier bump.

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Smart idea. This is the result.

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Was that the effect you were going for?

Just this lecture an bump maps …
But it didn’t work for me. So I added (in my own thoughts) node after node …

I started with an image Texture Coordinate on UV. But I forgot to unwrap the cube, so no uv-map to work with. Everything was flat. Then I saw what I did wrong. And ended up with this texture. So just by accident …

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Maybe you figured it out by now, but the noise if fed to the wrong slot on the Bump-node.
It should be the Height, not the Strength. The way it is on the pictures you are varying no
bump-map at all randomly. :slight_smile:

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