I took the wrong exam (kind of) and failed (55%)

I was taking the exam, and I realised that I accidentally signed up for Unity Certified Expert Gameplay Programmer. Expert Gameplay Programmer. I was completely unprepared for this (I am 11 almost 12 taking this test) and failed with 55%. I went to certification.unity.com and it turns out that the course that I bought on Udemy actually prepared me for the Unity Certified Associate, all the while I was trying to sign up for Unity Certified Programmer and accidentally signed up for an expert one. The test was really hard, it gave you a huge script and you had to identify a bug or find the best way to fix it. The Unity Certified Associate courseware was the most similar to this developer course (Unity Certified Developer Course), which I did not expect at all. I have not given up, I will take the Unity Certified Programmer (maybe try my luck with the Expert exam) maybe a second time. I don’t blame the Udemy course, but I don’t know where to start for the certified programmer exams. Any ideas?

The Unity Certified Developer Exam (the one this course is intended to prepare you for) was discontinued last year. It was sort of replaced by two basic exams: Unity Certified Programmer Exam and Unity Certified 3D Artist. There are also more advanced courses including the one you mistakingly took.

I can say that I have several years of experience in Unity and just took the Unity Certified Programmer Exam. Despite having several years of experience in Unity I did the suggested preparation course as suggested on their page (provided by Coursera), which seemed fine, to ensure I was prepared. That preparation course has it’s own grade, at which I had 99,5%. I then went to do the Unity Exam and…to my surprise I failed miserably with 65%!! Honestly I think I learned nearly nothing with the suggested Coursera course, which seemed really a waste of time (in fact I complained and got a refund). That is why I am here, doing this course which, despite not being exactly fit for the current Unity Certified Programmer exam, seems so much better than the suggested one!! In short, I clearly recommend this course over the one suggested by Unity which does not prepare you at all for the exam (which by the way is much more difficult that that course suggests). I intend to re-apply shortly after finishing this course, hopefully with a much better result! Hope this helps and by the way, If anyone knows of a better preparation resource for the current Unity Certified Programmer Course, please post here! Cheers

Helios, good luck for your exam!