I think I found a bug when working on pitch/yaw/roll

OK so I am working through the Argon Assault course and I have come across what might be a bug with Unity. I added the StarSparrow2 prefab from the pack. I have it all coded and set up mostly as Rick has done in his tutorial video. However, I noticed a “warning” message in the console. It keeps saying “BoxColliders does not support negative scale or size.” Then it tells me the offending collider. It seems to have different ones that it picks each time, but only 6 that it chooses from each time. NONE of which have negative scale or size. The scale of all of them is 1,1,1 and the size of all of them is always above 0. I have checked before and during gameplay and none of that changes, but I still get the warnings. I doubt it is just trying to be helpful and tell me “tips.” Like, why pick that message when there are probably thousands of potential warnings it could give me?

Anyway, I kept working on the project and noticed that the warning messages went away. I didn’t change the colliders at all. I just gave up trying to figure out what it’s deal was and tried to move on. However, when I came back to my machine to work some more on the project, the warnings started showing up again.

After some testing, I figured out what is causing the warnings to show up. When I move the Game window to my second monitor. 100% it will throw a warning about one of those 6 different colliders if I play the game with the Game window on my second monitor. If I move the Game window back to my primary monitor where Unity is, I do not get any warnings.

I just tried moving the Unity editor (the whole program) to my second monitor, but kept the Game window in the editor. No warnings. I moved the Game window over to my primary monitor (away from the Unity editor), and the warnings came back.

Can someone advise what is going on?


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What you describe sounds indeed like a bug. The scale should not be affected by your monitor. Which version of Unity do you use?

Hello Nina! Thanks for the reply!

I am using Unity 2020.3.5f1 Personal.

I also noticed that it isn’t monitor dependent. It is anytime I pull the “Game” panel out of the Unity Editor. So even if I keep the Game panel on the same monitor, but have it undocked from my Unity Editor, I get warnings as described above. I have no problems if I keep the Game panel docked and toggle “Maximize on Play” on.

I have to admit that I have no idea what the problem might be. Maybe you could report a bug to Unity via Help > Report a bug (in Unity).

Build your game for testing purposes to see if the problem also occurs in the build. If it doesn’t, it’s limited to the editor and, in this case, I’d suggest to simply continue developing your game if you cannot find a solution.

And please feel free to ask our helpful community of students over on our Discord chat server. Maybe one of them had the same issue and managed to fix it.

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