I remember thinking at the time, "that sounds bad..."

Back at the lecture where the Player and Enemy are modified as variants of the Character prefab, I recall thinking “Okay, but if I make a change to an enemy that I then Apply All in the override drop-down, won’t that screw up the Player?”

Sure enough…It does…And now I have no idea how to fix this because apparently you can’t Undo the Apply All…So can anyone explain to me why we built both the Player and the Enemy off the same prefab if it’s so easy to cause a problem by doing so?

hopefully you got your changes undone using version control…

The trick is knowing which things to apply to the base character and which things to apply to the enemy or to the Player Prefab. You’ll note that when you select Overrides on Variants or children of a prefab, that you get the option to apply to the current prefab, or it’s ancestor

Yeah, I think I realized my mistake shortly after I did it but was surprised when I couldn’t undo it…Not sure what I did between that and trying to undo that made undo not work…

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