I released a full game based on Glitch Garden tutorial, and you can too!

I released my first game (Mystic Hammer) on Steam/Itch! I had to come back here 18 months later to tell you all, when @Rick_Davidson or @Ben say in videos “Take it, add to it, release it - you can do it!”: They are NOT BSing you! It is possible with the skills from this course. Before these courses, I really didn’t know anything about game development. Getting up to the Glitch Garden course alone gave me enough knowledge to get to release with this game. It’s definitely not easy (especially the marketing side of things), but it’s worth it if this is on your “bucket list” in life!


So originally I did simple stuff like add a few stats to the defenders. Then, I took it to the next level with loot and crafting. From there, my head was in the clouds so I dreamed up some big stuff. The important part is to then cut that in half, to keep scope manageable. So I toned it down a bit. Before that though, I did add stats, achievements with persistent stat bonuses, and an unlimited tower mode that has an algorithm to constantly make enemies stronger as you ascend the tower.

The most telling part that you too can accomplish this is that I have a full time day job (so does my wife), and have two kids under 4. So time was extremely limited. Just don’t have a “0” day, always get something done no matter how small and you’ll get there!

Steam link for those curious on what I added: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1201650/Mystic_Hammer/

Itch link: https://excalaber.itch.io/mystic-hammer

This is definitely the best community out of the ones I have come across. God bless you all, I can’t wait to see what you accomplish!


OMG! I remember playing this quite a few months ago, such an amazing game! Congratulations on this great achievement!

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Aww thanks!

So 18 months later, I’m finally onto Tilevania tutorial now haha

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