I refuse to signup with Adobe

If you provide bones with Rigify just like one did for the posing lessons before, and used the exported model in say Unity just the same as any other assetr one could download and then added some assetstore animations, what difference would it make?


I’m not sure what you are trying to ask or tell?

The content used in this course is free to use, with no Adobe license.
Rigify (the Orc challenge) is used in combination with Mixamo with free-to-use animations.

In the world of 3D, there are many software tools, all using their own proprietary file (data) definitions. To export or import data you need to choose a common format. OBJ is used a lot, but it’s an old format. FBX is more common these days. But still, it doesn’t always do a one-to-one conversion. Especially on technical parts.
Mesh data (object) is fairly simple, so most of the time it works. But material nodes, geometric nodes, it’s a different ball game. Every engine has its specialties. You ned to be aware of this.

3D artists use many packages, one to sculpt, to animate, and for example to make textures (substance painter). Some are free to use, others you have to pay for. Blender does everything, but there are better solutions for some parts of the process.
It all depends on you, how you want to work. As a 3D artist starter, there are enough free options.


Using Mixamo requires to signup with Adobe.


Ah, sorry! You are right, I did the course a long time ago, didn’t know anymore.

I’ve the same opinion as you! Getting crazy about those websites locked by an account.

What I do is create a temporally email address, which you need for the identification.
There are many sites who give you this service. But big companies, know this trick too. Some of those temporally email services can be blocked. Then I use an other one, etc.


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