I passed a few months ago


Hi everyone
I thought I would post my exam story.

Originally started with the Complete Unity course. And it was the first time I felt like I could actually learn to program. I was only able to do it part time during my train commute to work. Although it took me a long time, the feeling of having something playable by my own code has given me the bug to create more.

After keeping an eye on the Udemy courses I purchased the Unity certification. I didn’t start it for a long time as there were no exams near me in the UK at that time. When I did find out there was one coming up I only had a month to start the course and feel exam prepared.

I was not doing the course to get a job as a Unity developer, I want to create my own projects further down the line. So that took some of the pressure off for me to pass. I was only doing to prove to myself that I am actually learning!
The exam was back in March in London. And I can’t remember my pass result, but it was obviously good enough.
My day to day job is an animator and ironically my lowest score was in the animation section of the exam!

Thanks very much for the course Sam.
Now I hope to be able to find more time between kids, commute and work to level up my own game development.



Awesome story, Dan. Thank you so much for taking the time to share it with us!

I’m glad to hear that our courses have given you a foothold on programming. I hope that you find time to continue to develop your passion. I recommend teaming up with a friend or community member to build something together can be so much more motivating.