I need some help making an angel wing! (HELP)

So i have my basic church layout and everything and I am trying to make an angel wing. I am doing the basic outline right now, So i used a bezier curve and outlined the wing in my reference photo I saved off of google. When I need to add the “dip” in the center of the wing blender wont let me do a loop cut on the large face, only the smaller faces on the sides. help please!

Front view:

Thank you so much ahead of time, ANY advice, criticism, and help is always welcome!

Zach C.

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Here is the side view of the wing

Well, I would probably sculpt the form and add the feathers using the particle system (like we done with the grass in the last section)

That, or just sculpt large feathers in and texture them.

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True, probably using textures would be better like you said

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