I need ideas for what to make in blender

Give me ideas and tips please.

Simple, take part in the forum collab. New suggested topic every week.

Or, make models of local wild plants, flowers, weeds, grasses. Make a new one every day. Reference is there to hand and changes every season. After a few months you end up with a great library of assets to fill in environments with.

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I like to google up a random prompt generator for drawing. There are a few websites that offer different lay outs and ideas. Picking a theme can help, or just starting with things you know or like. Try remaking them, even if you think it’d be easy try new methods of making it.

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If you don’t mind me asking, what are your goals for learning 3d?

I think choosing something based on what you want to learn is always a good idea. Whether it’s something as small as trying to remember a hot key that you always seam to forget, or as big as creating a short film.

Random suggestion:
You could try embodying how you feel about something into a render, how it feels to be in an artistic rut for example.

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