I need help

hello, so i started unreal engine course and reached c++ programming part, I follow instructions step by step but in the part where i need to add new c++ class it wont work the way it need to for me, for example it wont show code workspace for me, also it saved code file in different file and when i opne that file it still wont work the way it needs to (dorry for bad english)

Did you create the workspace yourself then? Cause your screenshot shows one.

If you keep having trouble with VS Code I would suggest using Visual Studio 2022. VS Code worked for me for the first tutorial I did but then I ran in to trouble and couldn’t get anything working properly. Use VS Code if you can get it working, because it will be easier to follow along in the course, but after a while I’ve become used to Visual Studio 2022, I just had to do some independent lerning on using it.

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