I need help with materials!

I realized part way through creating the queen, that I had created a big mess with the materials. I don’t have any idea how to fix it nor how to avoid it. Basically, I have my chess piece white material in 5 different blend files; and there all different. Even if they were all the same, the first time I tweek one, all the others will be out of sink.
There would appear to be the same problem with the textures.

Any hints on how to manage this?

When you append the new object in the scene it does create a new material. So look up in the material tab and click the globe on the left of the material name, you should see the list of all material that was created with different numbers. Choose the same one for all your pieces then they should have all the same material then… feel free to delete the others materials if you don’t need it. Hope that help and it was what you were looking for.

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