I need help ordering courses from top to bottom

Hello.There are 16 courses about Unity. In what order should I take them?**

Thanks :slight_smile:

That’s 18 courses :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You can take them in any order you want, really. But some are more advanced than others, so I’ll try to give you some order

When you feel it’s necessary - some are more advanced

  • Get Git Smart is probably not a Unity course per se, but it won’t hurt to learn about source control early. Do it when you want. I don’t know this course but I know Git is not Unity-specific
  • Unity Visual Scripting requires no code and could be a good start
  • Unity UIToolkit - Don’t know this one, but it may be a little advanced for beginners. Could be wrong

Good introductions

  • Unity 3D Video Game Kit - I don’t now this one, but it’s by Rick so it will be a good introduction for beginners
  • Complete C# Unity Game Developer 2D
  • Complete C# Unity Game Developer 3D
  • Unity C# Mobile - I don’t know this one but again, it’s Rick

Good to know before going to the more advanced courses

  • Programming Design Patterns

More advanced

  • Unity Turn-Based Strategy - Great course. A little more advanced
  • Unity Multiplayer
  • Unity 3rd Person Combat & Traversal - I love this course
  • Intro to DOTS

The RPG series is not too advanced (but it is a huge series so be prepared for many, many hours) and can be done in any order, but the recommended order is

  • RPG Core Combat
  • RPG Inventory Systems
  • RPG Dialogue & Quest
  • RPG Shops & Abilities

Once you’ve made some games (I don’t know any of these)

  • How to get a job in the industry
  • Finish it!
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I didnt count How to get a job in the industry-Finish it! xD

Thank you so much <3

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