I made a choo-choo train!

Ta-da! Hopefully there’s some sort of keyboard shortcut that makes it easier to center and/or align objects with each other, because that part was driving me crazy.


Shweet train, Fuzzberta! I was able to align and center objects on my car by adjusting “offset” and “rotation” values in the inspector…not very much fun, but it works…and a good left-brain exercise…!


Looks awesome!

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Well, this is some out-of-the-box thinking. Really cute train.
You can Create Empty and add objects as “children” to it. This way, if you align the pivot and the center you can use the Instructor tab to manipulate groups of objects much easier and achieve symmetry. …I hope this helps.

Hee, hee, TheTrampBear is our benevolent future self, skipping us ahead to “Lesson 5: The Wonder of Prefabs”…but it will feel nice to see your fab choo-choo train as an all-in-one duplicateable “prefab” instead of carrying it around as independent pieces. Then you can make a fab “street scene” with a whole bunch of your fab “prefab” choo-choo trains…!

Great looking train!

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