I made a car after a break from the course

Sadly I had to take a month break from this course just after finishing the dinosaur scene, and now I decided to get back to it. So I thought I might want to make something as a recap first, to remind me of shortcuts and workflow. I took some reference pictures and I build my first car model. What you guys think of it? I would really like to accept some feedback as I missed out a month of the course… :frowning:

Happy to be back though, I really enjoyed working on this!

  • You could try to switch on the smoothing option …
  • also the backlight is probably red …

It helps to use reference material and not working from memory.

Ah yes, true, I used references, but mostly drawings not actual pictures of cars. :frowning:
I actually thought about some smoothing, but I could not find any modifier that would do what I want to. Where do I find that option you mentioned?

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Click on the car object, select “Smooth”.

Then you could add the subsurface modifier.

Have fun!

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aaah thanks a lot <3
And I thank your feedback as well :slight_smile:

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