I lost my maze when I restarted Unreal

I saved my file and took a break. When I came back my maze has disappeared. It still appears in the Outliner and I can see there’s no mesh for it. The mesh I saved is nowhere to be found. The trigger box is still attached to it too.

Is there anyway of getting it back or do I have to remake it all over again?

Did you save the maze as a new level?

As default, it won’t open when you launch the project so you have to manually open the level.

If you saved it in the starter content folder, it is unfortunately deleted when Using UE5. Any changes are reset on opening the project for that folder.

I’d saved it in a separate maze folder. The strange thing was that it appeared in said folder within Unreal but it wasn’t there in windows explorer.

I’ve since changed the name and it seems to have worked, I guess it could have been the fact that I had spaces in the name?

That could have been it, Unreal does not like spaces in file or folder names. And normally it would not let you do so.

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