I lost all my progress, dont know what to do, need help!

I had BSOD a while ago, and i needed to reinstall windows and i lost all my files unfortunately. I downloaded the ZIP file from episode i ended with and i tried to launch BattleTank project file, there is first message telling “The Following modules are missing or build with different engine version” and it asks if i want to rebuild, when iam rebuilding there is a error saying “BattleTank could not be compiled. Try rebuilding from source manually.” and iam not sure what iam supposed to do, i tried to open BattleTank solution file with Visual Studio and build from there but the code file is kinda empty and it keeps popping up the same error, i dont know what to do know. Help please! :persevere:

ps. Sorry for my really not so polished english ! :smiley:

Anyone? : (

I assume you tried to download it from your github?

Post your github repo Link here, so that others can download it
maybe someone can help out, if they hands-on experience the error

I tried download it from Ben’s GitHub that he posts on every video. So i don’t know whats going on.

So you tried to use Ben’s Battle Tank version and it failed?

Maybe you have used a different Unreal Editor Version. Try using the UE4 version used in the videos to rebuild the Project

I did download version of UE that Ben used in that specific episode and it didn’ work. I guess ill have to start over. : <

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