I like shorter videos

The last course had 22 minute videos and sometimes it was hard to make it all the way through in terms of absorbing the concepts and getting my code to function correctly. I think shorter videos are easier to digest and easier to return to as a library resource.

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I haven’t hit any 22m long vids yet, but just did a 6m video which felt a bit rushed. But agree, searching back through shorter videos for information is easier.

It’s definitely nice to have some shorter ones mixed in. For me, they also encourage powering through a bit. When I see a few 15+ min videos coming up in a row and I’ve been at it for a while, I’ll mentally just sort of mark that as a break point, but if I’ve done a few lessons and see a 6, 7 minute video next, I’m much more likely to stay on and keep going for at least that one, and maybe past it.


Thanks for sharing this. I will point this out to the rest of the team.


I totally agree with you! When I see 10+ min videos a little part of me dreads trying to get through it, but when I see <10 min videos they feel like nice bite sized pieces that I can easily digest. I suppose the downside is that if they do all <10 min videos then the list of all the lectures would be bloated. But this would be a minor quality of life fix to me, not something that is a big deal. Overall I love Gamedev.tv courses!

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