I know I can do better, but this is good enough for the course I think :)

The model is nice. I think though I might steer away from thinking things like β€œIt’s good enough for the course, I think.” You tend to get out of a course what you put in. Its like working out if you do not feel the pain the next day then your not getting much out of the workout. You should strive to push yourself, take what they show you and really push it. Try out more then they show! You learn the most from those sessions. If all you want is an okay model, then you succeeded, but if you want an awesome model, you can have it, but do not settle.

You have the potential.

You can be critical of your work, but you should never be dismissive of it.

Its like a portfolio, you never show okay work you show your best. If you tell someone it is only okay, that is what they are going to see.

GOOD LUCK! You have great Potential!


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