I keep gliding

I copied the entirety of the code eventually. But my problem remains the same. My character is moving whilst not receiving input from me.

How would I go and fix that, I retraced my steps, went into the different scripts and made it so they are the same.

Is there any other thing I might be missing?

In general, with any situation like this where you just don’t know what else to try, it’s a good idea to start disabling things in code until the problem stops, then re-enable things (in a different order) until it starts again, etc… Your goal here is to isolate whatever is causing the problem. You may discover that it’s multiple dependent things, multiple independent things, or in rare cases, something that isn’t in the code at all. Don’t be discouraged if that happens, because that’s a valid result too!

This happened to me just yesterday working through Bram’s 3D Godot course; I was getting (harmless) error messages after stopping the program. Through this type of testing, I discovered the following things:

  • The problem probably wasn’t caused caused by code because I had commented ALL of my code and it still happened! XD
  • After each execution, the errors wouldn’t appear in the console until I clicked a different scene tab in the editor.

It was fairly early in the day, and the only other unusual thing I had done so far was making the Inspector a floating window, exactly following Bram’s instructions. I decided if it wasn’t code, undocking the Inspector is the only other thing it could possibly have been. Closed the editor, restarted it, no more errors. Re-enabled my code, and still no more errors! Now I know to leave the inspector docked =)

Without anything more specific to look at, this sort of abstract and empirical advice is as much as anyone can offer at the moment (we don’t even know which course you’re in). I hope this gets you further ahead.

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as BH was saying , are you working through a course and a specific lecture? if so which one please.
if its a course, ill update the post tags to reflect that.

any screenshots or pasted code to show what your using to move the player so we can have a look would be good to see to try and get you back on track again.

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