I just released my first game on Steam!

It’s not much, but it is a working multiplayer sandboxxish RPG that works with a listen server… It hasn’t been tested much but I think it’s mildly amusing… plus there’s original music by me and my friends!
Would never have been able to do any of this without the courses on Udemy… I’m a freakin highschool drop out, went to community college for a bit but didnt do much… and just got really good at playin odd time signatures on the drums and guitar… always wanted to make video games but never knew it was possible… seriously, these courses are taught in a way that’s super palatable to anyone… just… thanks!


Looks great!
How did you learn the networking?
Was it made in Unreal? Did you follow the unreal networking course?

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I did take the Unreal Multiplayer Master course… But i also just did a lot of Youtube learning as well… My game uses the Unreal GameplayAbilitySystem (GAS)… so that helps with some stuff… I wanna make a little youtube tutorial on it… there really isnt an insane amount of features in the game… its pretty stripped down from the previous project i had that kinda blew up and i just decided, for the sake of ACTUALLY SHIPPING SOMETHING, to start over lol.

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