I just made a my first Number Wizard UI game!

Hello everyone I am new here…i just made a my first Number Wizard UI game.I’d love to your feedback

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Congratulations Sunil, and welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

Well done for completing the section and publishing your game, some feedback as requested;

  • nice use of images, appreciating not your own, colours and fonts
  • unnecessary space after these quotations marks;
  • if you keep choosing “Higher”, the value 1000 doesn’t fit in your UI Text GameObject and wraps;
  • it is possible to exceed the maximum number;
  • should perhaps read, “I guessed your number! Do you want to play again?” - note punctuation
  • images on the main menu do not fill the canvas, thus you can see the lighter blue camera background behind in place;
  • “Please think of a number between 1 and 1000” - not a capital “N”.
  • If you hit lower until the only value it displays is 1 and the press higher a few times, the value goes up and then back down. This is related to the same issue you have if you go all the way up to 1000 and it exceeds the max value. A bug that needs squashing! Hint: You need some validation on the numbers.

Fun game to play and again, well done for getting through the section and publishing the game. The above are mainly minor points but if you act upon them will add additional polish to your game :slight_smile:

Thank you sir for your feedback.next time i won’t do this same mistake

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You’re very welcome Sunil, I hope the feedback is of use :slight_smile:

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