I Have to, I have to, I have to.. must remain motivated!

Hi I’m not really sure why I’m sharing this as it’s a little embarrassing (tolerably so)

I’m starting a big blender project that will involve making objects, NPCs, Monsters, and characters. Which will have animations. The problem with myself is, I don’t stay on course. I start something, it’s all going good, then something in my life happens and it derails me and I don’t make anymore progress and typically with me the project dies off and if I do return to it, much time has passed and picking back up where I left off is like finding a needle(inspiration) in a hay stay (despair).


So the big list of TODO’s is as follows:

  • Model all static objects (items, props etc)
  • Model all monsters, and animate them.
  • Model characters and animate them.

That’s the highlevel todo list sorted. I’m feeling a little fired up from the videos thus far. Hopefully I can stay on course and get it all finished.

Wish me luck.


Hi, I’m not sure you have any experience in sD modeling and animation. If not, I would advise you to start with the Blender complete course. First, learn Blender. Knowing how to create workflows that are needed to manage big projects.

I know the feeling of creating massive projects. And in your mind, it’s nearly finished. You can see the outcome. But the path is complex and involves many aspects of 3D animation.

The best is to do small projects, and keep the objects clean, documented, and reusable. Get structure in your project.

Also think about:

  • Draw sketch, mock, your concept ideas
  • Start with low poly, simple block forms models. Use Level-of-Details (LOD) to slowly build up the library. Test scenes and composition.
  • Use real scaling, keep scale at 1
  • Use Eevee, it’s much faster

Hi what’s Eevee? can you link?

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? Eevee is a render engine in Blender, based on fast rendering (game development).

Blender also supports Cycles, which is a form of ray tracing (not completely true).

You can set this in the Blender render options.

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Thank you, not at the practical stuff yet in my course, got a lot to learn still.

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It is great to have a big ambition, but from what you have said you need to learn the tool first.

It is like wanting to build a medieval cathedral having a good idea for one and then realising you do not know how to dig foundations, put up scaffolding, carve stone, or work wood. Transpose that to 3d mesh modelling, UV unwrapping, topology, texturing, animating, rendering, you get the idea.

It is a long road of small steps that you can complete, by following various courses and completing each section. That will help keep you motivated with smaller achievable goals that are within sight.

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Just here to wish you the best of luck! :heart:


much appreciated :slight_smile:

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