I have problems with shadows in eevee: shadows aren´t precise enough?

There is a problem with eevee. The shadow starts not at the shadow casting edge precisely.
Thank you for ideas and solutions.

Have you gone to the render settings tab and scrolled to the shadows and clicked soft shadows?
Eevee does not come with all the bells and whistles turned on like cycles so we have to switch some of them on.
If you can let me know on this we can see where you are :slight_smile:

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Michael covers working with shadows in Eevee later in the Environments course



Thanks, you both. :slight_smile: Yes, I have clicked soft shadows in the render settings. But that doesn´t solve this problem. I have bought the Environments course too and I have still watched some lectures and will continue…Sometimes I can´t wait and get nervous and will get more results even sooner… ;))


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