I have now finished the Testing Grounds section

First of all, it was a great course. I will 100% continue on my journey with the multiplayer and blender courses. There are, however, some problems in my game, that I want to address before I start building upon it:

  1. AI behavior is a bit weird. It’s really hard to describe so here is my project in its current state, but I will try to take another look at it myself. But basically, they tend to shoot at random locations sometimes and if I recall correctly they bump into me sometimes (despite the acceptance radius) and chase me after they shoot.

  2. My player isn’t aiming towards the crosshair. I know I can fix it by line tracing as we did in Battle Tank, but I think it will be really tedious to try to do so here because of the fact that we have two meshes, animation blueprints, etc. Will it actually be hard to do with the current architecture? Is there an easier way to do so?

  3. Speaking of two meshes, I tried to add an option to switch between 1st and 3rd person views in blueprint and failed miserably (weird, it should be easy to do). I want to retry that but in C++ but all of this animation stuff that we didn’t have in Battle Tank is something I can’t quite get my head around (at least not enough to be confident in changing it). Any tips to do that would be welcome too.

Also, tell me what you added to your projects! I’d love to get some inspiration. So far I added a proper health bar (not just a number like Sam did), a very cool looking damage indicator, (although I’m only 90% sure it even works, as it’s really hard to test when the AI can’t shoot) and I plan to add blood particles on hit, maybe ammo pickups, grenades, and more weapons, and maybe even add a little story in. I will also add some UI as just a HUD is not enough.

BTW didn’t the GDD say that we were going to make it so that there are two options to advance to the next tile by either using stealth or killing all the guards? I’ll try to do that but I thought it was going to be in the course itself. Anyway, I plan to do this by making the guard amount an out parameter that I can use in the tile to check if all guards are killed in that tile, and for the stealth part, I think I’ll add to Character_BP a variable that stores the guard’s tile and through the guard lock the tile if he sees me.

Thanks for reading this long read. Stay safe everyone! :slight_smile:

  1. Not too sure of to be honest.
  2. As this is a projectile based weapon the simplest solution would be to make sure to have a cooldown which lasts as long as the animation as that affects the spawn location. Also move the crosshair accordingling to be accurate.
    You could also move from projectile based to hitscan. So you would just do a line trace from the crosshair and do a linetrace and see if you hit an enemy. Then just have particle effects for show.
  3. Did you try a similar way to the death screen?