I have no idea what Blender is doing

So I started applying the floor material

I have the floor tile selected that I want to apply it for, but then I noticed that if I apply the material it does absolutely nothing, basically only one layer of gray is applied, by editing the second layer I can change the walls just fine because they have the same material

I tried applying it in the zoomed in mode so I could see it better and there the second layer works just fine (I used the barrel material just to see the change easy)

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Sorry, it’s not clear what you’re trying to do.

When you say that one layer of gray is applied, what are you trying to achieve?

If you’re trying to assign more than one material to an object, you need to select the faces that you want the second material on and then click Assign:


Ohhh, I think I figured it out. I somehow multiples of the same material somehow, I think it created duplicates somehow when I did my grey colors, should have looked at the numbers!


Now I did clear up my materials but the thing won’t still work… As you can see here the tile in the doorway will change color as it should but I have assigned the material to floor tile next to it… basically the stone color is overwriting the floor material or something

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Ok this just keeps getting more weird…

If I change the material into some other color like the barrel’s wood material the floor tile will actually display correctly, but if I change it back to the color it should, it overwrites the floor? I’m pretty sure I only had the floor selected when I applied the material

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Ok, for whatever reason after clicking the assign key few more times it actually applied the material! I have no idea what I did or didn’t do, all my other material stuff has not done this

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Ok, I think this project is just cursed, I did get that one tile to work then now the others are not working…

Now I have the one tile selected and as you can see “grey light” is in slot two and is the floor color.

So somehow the slot 2 is the only one working and the floor can’t have it’s own material and somehow the slot 2 is being treated as the dominant one and/or it does whatever it wants and I’m really confused at this point

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Don’t show in edit mode, do object or render mode.

Check for object errors.

  • Check face normals
  • Check for mesh duplication
  • Use a standard Blender cube and assign the ‘corrupted’ material to it.

Normals seemed fine, after clicking around it seems the only order that works is : assign the floor material-> create a second slot and put the tile material there → go into edit and select the tiles → assign the second slot to the tiles. If I do it in any other order it won’t work…

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