I have found some bugs remaining with the laser

One thing is that if one is moving around while firing the laser, its origin point will be the staff’s spawn point at the time the attack was triggered but not where the spawn point is when it actually fires.

Also, if one is close by some foreground layer tiles (standing right in front of the hills), the laser’s range might be severly shortened when firing “downwards” but on the other hand the obstruction in its path is not correctly detected when firing “upwards” and one can still manage to fire across the obstacle…

@Stephen_Hubbard I havent managed to recreate this

Edit - I believe i have now and it relates to the position of the ranged weapons being inside the collider on the foreground tiles.
The solution would probably be to move the staff closer to the character body or increase the size of the collider on the player. This could be done dynamically so that it increases the collider when using a ranged weapon or just a collider on the ranged weapon itself.

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