I have an error in my code it says a coma is missing but where?

i have an error in my code it says a ,(coma) is missing but i don,t know where to put it can someone help ???

heres the code…

I think the semicolon after UActorComponent on line 11 is the responsible of that, try deleting that one and compiling again ?

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so it fixed a problem that i had (i think) but when y compiled it and it shows and error in line 11 in the public next to UActorcomponent it seas “expects an identifier” what should i do???

Remove the semicolon after Generated body on line 13 too

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it did not work… (i’m sorry for the bother)

It’s okay, I’m here to help !

So on the line 11, you didn’t remove the semicolon but the double point between UOpendoor and public
these 2 point are really important on that line, I don’t where you are on the course currently, but if I remember correctly, it is explained how the base header files looks like and what this specific line is about

So to resume, put back the 2 points ( : ) between UOpendoor and public
and remove the semiclon ( ; ) after the UActorComponent, and normally you should be fine !

thank you so much for your help if you need help with anything(which i’m probably going to be no use for)
just tell me thank you.

ho and one more thing in ue4 it shows this error

what should i do


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