I have a problem

Hi I did this course about 2-3 years ago, to this exact point. Anyway the same problem i have had that long ago, is still happening, and i can’t get my head around this, i have tried doing the exercise. !00s of times, just to see if I’ve missed anything, and i haven’t I’ve even had my Girl Friend do this part to , and she can’t find anything wrong. Also i give up on this course last time because of this problem. I don’t want to give up again.

hope this pic helps

Please Help.

For the uncertain Paul, it might be worth stating what the problem is also.

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When i try to Duplicate and place them with the exact coordinates give, The end result is completely different I will show you

Let’s put out the Bat Signal for @Michael_Bridges and see if he has any thoughts for you :slight_smile:



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Not sure what is going on here but I can guess :slight_smile:

Positions are based on an objects origin. Is the pins origin in the middle of it?

Also don’t worry if yours isn’t exactly like mine.

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Thanks for replys

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OMG your a genius!!! you did it thanks so much

this has been a thorn in my side for 3 years lol

For anyone else who have this issue, I had to go apply the Origin


Really pleased for you Paul, glad you can move forward again - well done :slight_smile:


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