I have a confession, Ben

I must confess, @ben , that as a more experienced programmer, there were several steps along the way to this lecture where I was saying to myself “Why would we do it this way?” and “Wait, I was sure this guy knew good architecture”… so I was just about screaming at my tablet when I got to this video where you, too, had a confession that… you set us up for this… That’s my confession… I almost threw my very expensive 10" Galaxy Tab S2 at the wall.
Especially since before we got to this video, you’d hinted where we wanted to get our architecture to, and I decided to give it a go (and owing to understanding coding well, but not entirely familiar with the Unreal architecture (the reason I’m taking this course is not to learn C++, but to learn the Unreal architecture), I did a pretty good job at mucking it up.
Of course, I was also thinking… what about those blokes who are pretty new to programming altogether who are probably hitting their heads against the wall in frustration in triplicate…

Then I finished watching the video, and you’re absolutely right. This sort of reengineering of one’s architecture is a vital skill, and it’s something that every programmer will have to know when (and I mean when, NOT if) they find their architecture in spaghettiville. Looking forward to seeing your refactor method, and hopefully where I tripped up in the Unreal architecture.

Loving the course, so far, by the way. I still haven’t decided if Unreal will be my new environment of choice, but I’m starting to feel more comfortable with it.

Ugh… now this is the point I discover that I actually had done a fine job of refactoring…

But somehow (and I really would like to understand why), my TankBP had “lost” the property telling it what AI to possess on a tank placed within world… it was “None”…

So I had my code perfectly refactored, but the tanks just sat there like Congressmen doing absolutely nothing.

Ditto. At some point I was wondering if it were even a good course, showing us that spagetti architecture. Now it all makes sense. And Where I rather see more Unreal code related topic, this is a very important aspect of a good project.

Fair warning, @Nicolas_Roy, he’s going to lead us down the wrong path again in S05 TestingGrounds, but he’s going to tell you we’re on the wrong path while we do it. I was tempted when I got there to just do it right in the first place, but there’s a very important section about deleting classes you don’t need anymore in there, so I rolled with it.
I never questioned Ben’s abilities to code or teach, btw, just questioned why he was leading us along such a perilous path. I’ve already taken the Unity course that got GameDev off the ground, I know Ben has skills to pay the bills.

Thanks so much for the comments Brian. It’s tough as we feel “dirty” when we take you down the “wrong” path, but I really think it’s better this way than being over planned and sterile.

Enjoy the course(s)

he turned spaghetti into fried rice!

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