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I am not what you would call an expert programmer by any means. I have been through a bootcamp and worked in the industry for a few months following a mentorship, but that was software development in Python, and Ruby. I started learning Java on my own and fell in love with how you assign one data type to a variable and the way of building classes just intrigued me. Long story short I like how C# is similar to Java. As for this project, one thing that really threw me for a loop on the on your own coding challenge was how to get user input on different screens. I know that may seem like a simple thing to some but I am used to just using a get user input built in function every-time i wanted to get input from the user (at least that is what python does if i remember correctly).
What i found interesting is how it is a created function that you just don’t even have to call, all you do is change the currentScreen variable and send input in as a parameter to whatever function you are needing to get user input during. At least I hope i am understanding this correctly, my thinking on this is a little jumbled.

So to sum this post up:

  1. I like how python and C# are similar
  2. It threw me on how to get user input in different areas of the code because I am not used to just creating a function for user input and sending input at as parameter to other functions.
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