I got fed up waiting for Bethesda to finish ES6

so I decided to make my own open-world fantasy RPG.

How hard can it be? Right?


GDTV courses used in the making - RPG Core Combat, RPG Dialogue and Quests, Math for Game Development, Blender Character Creation, Finish It

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This is really cool and inspired me to take those courses. Right on yo

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Thanks for the kind words @Jern and best of luck with those courses

Not knocking your progress at all, its amazing.

Just figured I would mention, if you are looking for an asset that really would speed you along into the game style you are looking for I scooped this up on Humble Bundle last month and its AMAZING.

It’s called RPG Creation Kit, its still pretty new in development but its a great asset I think with that and your already skills you could really churn out something impressive.

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Thanks for the feedback @Kimset and thanks for the asset recommendation - I’m always keen to see new assets. It seems to have some nice features and kind of reminds me of Oblivion in a good way. I might give it a try at some point.

I also see it has world streaming - I tried out another world streaming asset but decided not to use it and instead use smaller scenes with hard level loads to build up the world. It means being careful about what goes in the scene (which would probably apply in any case) but it seems easier to manage - although that could change. FPS is still well over 150 although I’ll lock it to 60 for the final product.

There’s a new video and a playable demo on itch.io Outwith by starsbetweenthestars
And also a new video: Outwith Prologue 01 - YouTube

The demo is kind of what might be the prologue so it’s more linear in comparison to how the finished game would feel. But the combat and dialogue is there with a small set of spells and weapons and even armour although it has no effect yet.

My vague plan was to build the demo and then asses whether to continue beyond that based on any feedback received. Regardless I’ll probably just keep going to a completed game. Just trying to keep things modular and flexible as it evolves.

Looks great! Yeah I figured I would mention it, its suppper based on Oblivion haha but a cool little asset none-the-less. Keep at it man, can’t wait to see more!

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