I got bored one day and played with Blender

This is what I came up with, even without concept art and just totally winged it lol. Done entirely in Blender. I have rigged a low poly version and created a normal map using the high poly version and imported it into unreal as well, but I need more practice to get it right.


that is one insanely cool creature haha would be awesome in a video game!

lol thanks. It was a lot of work, learning how to sculpt the details, but I feel like I like this way more than zbrush lol

nice work :slight_smile:

Thanks! It was my first one so hopefully it’ll only get better too.

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Nice piece! Are you sure it is your first? :slight_smile: Looks fantastic to me!

It’s my first in blender lol. I have used 3d studio max off and on but they were never as detailed as this. This started out extremely low poly and then I found the sculpting took and went to work on the details. I kind of treated it as if it were one of my drawings lol

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Impressive skillz there. Looks like hes exercising, suicide squats :wink:

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ROFL I’m sure he could use some exercise haha

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