I got a question on participating in real game developing

Can I already participate in a project of a game developing with the current stage of learning? I hope so, even it is just some very very basic work and without payment. I guess I need real work to help build my persistence here. If you think I can, then where can I find them? Thanks.


There is no law that prohibits you from developing your own game. :wink:

If you feel ready to develop your own game, simply start. No course can teach you everything there is. Nobody will ever know everything there is. The only way to learn more is to apply your current knowledge and solve new problems. Each project comes with its own problems which require (your) solutions. :slight_smile:

If you are a beginner who does not have any projects yet, maybe an internship might be a good idea. Do you have favourite games? If so, you could check the creators’ website to figure out if they are looking for new interns or employees.

Also please feel free to ask our helpful community of students for further advice over on our Discord chat server.

I’m moving your thread to the Talk section because I feel there is no “solution” for your question. Other students might want to share their questions and/or experience as well, or they might want to discuss this subject. :slight_smile:

Thanks very much. I think I’ll try to get an internship, and ask for some advice on Discord chat server. I’m just a beginner. What the course can’t teach me is the feeling of work flow and position of an indivisual member in a team work situation. I had experience in another field which is different from game/app developing.

May I know: Which # in Discord is the most suitable one to ask about this?

Unfortunately, I’m not on Discord and cannot access the chat server without an account, so I cannot suggest any channel. If you cannot find any channel where you could ask your question, please message one of the mods on our Discord chat server.

Will do. Thanks for your help.

How did you go with your internship hunting?

Sorry for a late reply. I post on Reddit. A couple of people responded and asked me to dm them. But unfortunately none of them really offered any position after I told them about my situation. I guess it’s hard to get an internship without a works portfolio. So I guess I may need to develop a simple app of my own instead as a first step.

We don’t really have internships in my country.

I know someone who went for one. Only two people applied. Of the two who applied, they decided neither were good enough to bring on.

I don’t know how internships work where you are but I wish you luck. I’ve always wondered, do they expect someone who knows what they’re doing and looking for free work or what?

Thanks for sharing this. What about volunteer? Do you think if I say I can work as a volunteer will help?

Isn’t that another word for intern?

What is it exactly that you’re hoping from an internship/volunteering?

I can only say from my perspective if I were the boss.

I’d be thinking, what would I be getting from the exchange vs the cost.

I suppose it would depend on the amount of down time that is usually available compared with your current skill level. If there’s a decent chance you’re a quality employee they need, then maybe you’re worth spending their time/resources.

The harsh reality is times have changed. The world no longer relies upon business to train up their employees. There’s heaps of cheap training material out there. I think it’s fairly safe to assume that there’s heaps of semi-experienced people hunting contacts so if I were a games company, I’d have pretty high expectations from those approaching me.

But that’s just me and I don’t own a games company… so my opinion is just that. An opinion.

So I suppose it comes down to what are you bringing to the table vs what you’re expecting in return. If all you’re asking for it to look at people working without interrupting and you’re willing to fetch coffee/food/clean/polish their flip flops, I’d guess it’d be fairly easy to find a home.

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Thank you very much. What you have said is really helpful. My main purpose is just to feel the pulse of a real work which might keep me in the seat watching these lessons for a longest period (I don’t mean every day; I mean many many days to come till I can master it). I have other things to do so can only part a small portion of time every week in learning Unity (I know this is not good) so hopefully some practical things can help me stay with it.